January 16, 2019

McAfee Activate – Download, Install & Activate McAfee – www.mcafee.com/activate

McAfee Activate –  A computer and mobile security program deliver cutting-edge features to users across countries. Whether you use the antivirus to protect personal devices or to safeguard your confidential office data, you only need to have McAfee my account. With access on mcafee.com/activate, you can get McAfee antivirus free download or McAfee activate product key.

McAfee Activate

You can get a McAfee retail card activation code from a retail store, from www.mcafee.com/activate, or from a third-party website. As you purchase a subscription, you receive a McAfee activate 25 digit code on your registered email address you used for McAfee account sign in. To know how to get McAfee subscription, follow the steps below.

How to get McAfee activate 25 digit code?

You can either go to an authorized retail store and purchase McAfee retail card activation code or follow instruction for an online subscription.

  1. Go to mcafee.com/activate
  2. Click McAfee icon on the top-left corner of the page
  3. From the main page, click McAfee My account
  4. Do Sign in/ Sign up
  5. Click Products from the main menu
  6. Click on the ‘arrow’ sign to explore more features
  7. After deciding a package, click Buy Now
  8. Fill account & billing information
  9. Click Agree & continue

How to redeem McAfee Activate product key?

  1. After buying the subscription, open a new tab
  2. Log in to the account you used to create McAfee account
  3. Open McAfee subscription confirmation email
  4. Note the key to install McAfee with activation code

Locate your McAfee activate key at www.mcafee.com/activate

  1. Click McAfee activate
  2. As the main page of ‘McAfee enter activation code’ appears, paste McAfee activate 25 digit code in its respective field
  3. Click submit
  4. Press McAfee download or download your software

Now install McAfee with an activation code and scan your pc. If the subscription includes more than one device, make sure to protect other devices as well. To safeguard the data and media files in your Android phone, install the app from Google play store.

If you are an existing user, skip the above steps and check if the antivirus functions or not. Login to mcafee.com/activate and from McAfee my account section, check for the details. Make sure to renew the software before it expires.

Did subscription expire? Renew McAfee activate the product key

  1. Sign in to mcafee.com/activate
  • Users with McAfee retail card activation code may need to create an account on mcafee.com/activate if they are checking subscription details for the first time
  1. From the main interface, select My Account
  2. Go to Subscriptions
  3. Do any of the followings
  • Click All expired if you want to go through the expired subscriptions
  • Click View active if you want to check your subscriptions that are still active
  1. Select a subscription package you want to renew
  2. Click Renew and complete the successive instructions

Common McAfee activate and other errors

  • McAfee activate doesn’t work
  • Can’t log in to McAfee my account page or access www.mcafee.com –activate
  • Incorrect McAfee Activation code
  • Can’t install McAfee on my PC

Many such errors can take place if you do not follow the instructions properly. Moreover, if your system is not compatible with the product, it may cause errors. To avoid errors, keep the antivirus active.